Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kelsey & Andrew

Not too far from Victoria is a small but busy town called Goliad, Texas. There, you will find the historic battlegrounds at Presidio La Bahia and Goliad State Park. These battlegrounds offer a timeless encounter every time you visit them. Speaking of timeless encounter, Kelsey and Andrew celebrated their marriage within the chapel on the grounds of the Presidio. It was scheduled to be an outdoor wedding with around 200 people in attendance but the weather decided to force the audience inside the long and narrow Presidio church. With a little patience, we all managed to squeeze into this little chapel in Goliad and have ourselves a wedding! Here's the ceremony:

If you'd like to see a condensed version of both the ceremony and reception, check out this highlight film:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cali & Clay

Wow - what can I say about these two? They were perfect! The wedding was at the beautiful Houston Carriage House in Conroe, Texas. The venue was night and day, literally transforming from a dynamic rustic barn to a majestic wedding venue. The weather cooperated and the gun range quieted down just in time for the outdoor ceremony to begin. The benches and chairs were all made out of dark walnut wood and the walkways were long and dramatic. The pond and forest added a "hidden gem" feel to the scenery of things.

Cali and Clay exchanged some very personal vows that they wrote on their own. Fantasy Football, golf, dogs, and taking out the (last minute) trash topped their list of "I do's". Watch the full ceremony here.

Perhaps the biggest note of the night was when Clay and his mother danced to "All to You" by Scott Keo. This is a new and very popular song choice among grooms this year and it goes a little something like this....(starts at 21:54)

Check out Scott Keo's page for more.

Oh, and the music provided by Joe Vega was phenomenal. Hire this man.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brook & Arthur

We filmed Brook & Arthur's rainy day wedding a few weeks ago. The wedding was originally set to take place outdoors at Raisin L. Ranch and we expected a crowd of 300. Soon we would enjoy the longhorn ranch scenery and film our first outdoor wedding! Instead, everyone was brought inside to sit on chairs on the dance floor.

The wedding went well, thanks to a very friendly officiant that gave one of the best performances I've ever seen. His relentless focus on his words and engaging the couple made for a very pleasant ceremony.

The couple exchanged their vows with minimal giggles and all smiles - no tears. Brook let out a good laugh when reciting her line, vowing her "love and faithfulness".

The dinner was served and the cake was cut, and the wedding party gave their speeches. The bridesmaids prepared a "Brook Survival Kit" for Arthur which consisted of a phone charger (to support her love for texting), a can of soup, a box of mac and cheese (because Brook can't cook) and a Starbucks gift card (no explanations needed), Motrin, Tums, Band-aids, Smirnoff, chick flicks, a mixed tape, also made the list...

It was a fun time together with Brook and Arthur. I'm sure they will remember this night for years to come. Check out the highlight video below:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Surprise Dance

Have you seen the fun videos capturing a 'surprise dance' during a wedding reception? A groom and his mom, or the bridal party spring a surprise dance on all who attend the reception. Well, we had our first experience with one of these at Chance and Kristina's wedding on March 28th at The Tine Spur Ranch in Inez. These girls put in massive amounts of time rehearsing to produce what looked like a real routine! Check it out:

I'm excited to see how many more 'surprises' we run into over the next few years.